How to Invest

1. Invest Direct through the Monteagle Fund Family

Regular Application
IRA Application

2. Invest through currently available Brokerages

Brokerage Availability
CommonWealth PPS LPL SWM
CommonWealth Universe Mid Atlantic Capital Corp
DailyAccess Corporation MATC Mid Atlantic Capital Group
DailyAccess Corporation RTC Raymond James WRAP Eligible
Fidelity Institutional FundsNetwork TD Ameritrade Institutional NTF
Fidelity Retail FundsNetwork TD Ameritrade Retail
LPL SAM Eligible

3. Through your Advisor

Ask your financial advisor if they have heard of The Texas Fund (BIGTX). If they have questions about the fund or making it available on their platform, they  can contact Shareholder Services at (888) 263-5593.